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Remote heating online monitoring system application case

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I. Case Overview

Highway signage is an important structure for safe driving and guidance of highways, and it provides timely and effective safety guidance and tips for motorway motorists. Therefore, the safety and stability of the signs are very necessary.

The patrol inspection of signboards is usually carried out by the management unit and checked one by one regularly. Because the signs are on the highway route and the number is large, it is not easy to find in time if the signs are overturned and failures do not work. However, once the signs are overturned and the failures do not work, the hazards of road driving and abnormal indications cannot be ignored. Therefore, the establishment of an effective safety monitoring system can effectively solve the above problems.

At present, a traffic engineering company in Jiangsu uses wired equipment for long-term, real-time monitoring of signs. The length of on-site wiring is long and difficult, and the cost of equipment and later maintenance is very high. In the environment of insufficient power supply, the wired collection equipment is even more It is difficult to maintain normal work.

As an industrial Internet of Things service provider integrating R & D and intelligent manufacturing capabilities in the Yangtze River Delta, MANTOO Technology uses wireless transparent transmission and automatic data acquisition technology in conjunction with the MT-DZ310 4G intelligent measurement and control terminal to develop An intelligent, high-speed street sign monitoring system that integrates automation, science and real-time has been developed. The system can realize the data monitoring of the working voltage and current of high-speed street signs, as well as the monitoring of the inclination of street signs. It not only saves a lot of manpower and material resources, reduces the operating cost, but also shortens the monitoring time, realizes the wireless data transmission, and real-time monitoring.

II. System architecture diagram

Ⅲ. System functions

-Real-time monitoring: It can real-time monitor the working voltage, current and inclination of street signs, and wirelessly transmit data to the server.

-Multi-project management: Users can monitor the construction status of multiple projects on site at the same time, which makes management more convenient.

-Privilege management: a variety of roles, roles can be set with different permissions, different roles account login to see different background systems.

-Fault alarm: real-time alarm for high-speed street sign failure, remind maintenance personnel to repair

-Remote maintenance: fault location function, you can quickly locate the position of street signs, and notify the relevant staff to deal with

-GIS geographic distribution: Realize the GIS map can visually display the distribution of street signs on each road section, and the data and tilt degree of the street sign power module monitored by the monitoring point.

Ⅳ. Software system interface

Cockpit data board:

Management background:

Personnel management interface

Project management interface

Device management interface

Alarm management interface

Ⅴ. Introduction to hardware products

MT-DZ310 intelligent collection terminal, support GPRS wireless transmission, transfer the collected data to the server; support 1 channel switch collection input; support 2 channel 0 ~ 15V voltage collection; support 1 channel 1 ~ 2A DC current collection input and 1 Road relay output; provide one RS232, can be connected to inclinometer; realize the remote working state of the light board

Ⅵ. On-site application photos

On-site installation

Ⅵ. Customer evaluation

After the high-speed road sign monitoring system is put into use on high-speed road sections, it ensures the stable work of high-speed road signs. The overall system and sensor equipment are relatively stable. The monitored data is very accurate and has a high reference significance. The early warning is also timely. The staff The alarm was eliminated within 1 hour, which is much faster than traditional detection methods.

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