MT-BOX is an intelligent terminal product in the overall solution of the Industrial Internet of Things. Through broadband, WIFI, 2G, 4G, NB and other Internet access methods,  connects MTBOX to MTIC  platform. Utilize advanced cloud technology to realize equipment network communication, data transmission, cloud computing, remote control, remote operation and maintenance and other functions, and promote Chinese industry to enter the industrial Internet era as soon as possible.

Support Local Logic  configuration,Intelligent Decision

  • RS232/485
    Ethernet with rich interfaces
  • Compatible with industry control industry
    Mainstream equipment
  • Supports Ethernet /
    4G network communication
  • Support user cloud
    Monitor device status


The MTIC platform develops a rapid private cloud deployment through a light solution, and MT-BOX, a self-developed hardware product, can easily and quickly access the MTIC platform. In order to achieve real-time online analysis of data and early warning monitoring management. The MTIC platform adopts server cluster management to meet the high data collection frequency and high concurrency of the device data, creating a core data platform with excellent stability and reliability.

Private cloud+Sass cloud + customized service project refined management , Achieving rapid enterprise cloud adoption 

  • Personnel rights  management

    Supports multi-owner distributed deployment. The owner has an independent server, an independent background, and independently configures project permissions for employees to achieve decentralized project management.

  • Project  management

    The management side maintains the project engineering uniformly and authorizes the owner side to use it. Support multi-project engineering in parallel.

  • Terminal equipment management

    Supports management of device service life and replacement records, and supports GPRS and 4G gateway SIM card management.

  • Protocol Algorithm management

    Supports standard modbus, custom protocols, batch processing and storage of device cache historical data, and device time calibration protocol.

  • Data collection management

    Seamless docking and self-developed MAMTOO BOX, load balancing + cluster deployment.

  • Data analysis management

    Real-time data and historical curve display, big data kanban display, and configuration display.

  • Early warning decision mangement

    Support multiple early warning rule settings, support manual remote control, support configuration of early warning rules and intelligent switching of equipment switch binding system.

  • Remote video surveillance

    Support webpage online viewing, compatible with most cameras on the market, real-time viewing of the scene, making project management more convenient.

  • More functions in development...