Solutions of industrial Internet of things

Provide an industrial cloud platform that can be deployed on site (privatized deployment), and open
  • Smart City
  • Smart Factory
  • Environmental Protection
  • Intelligent Logistics

End to cloud solutions

Ramu provides end-to-cloud solutions for users to help them mine data value

Hardware and software one-stop service

Mantoo MTIC cloud platform system helps enterprises to build the IOT system quickly and cheaply
  • Openness

    It supports intelligent terminals of various third-party application platforms to realize multi-party data sharing and connectivity of all things

  • Configurable

    Configuration page can be drag-and-drop,monitoring data customized configuration, visual large screen free combination flexible switch.

  • Security

    Strict security review, link encryption,data encryption, ensure the collection, transmission and storage application security

  • cross-platform

    PC terminal, big screen, mobile phone APP, WeChat official account multi terminal support, one click deployment, experience with heart.

  • Compatibility

    HTTP, TCP, mqtt, private protocol and other comprehensive support, zero development, one key configuration, Instant Collection

Case exhibition of four main fields

The mission of Mantu is to promote Chinese industry to be intelligent