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BSM - Bridge Structure Safety Predictive Maintenance System application case

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I. Case Overview

For many years, the safety of bridge structures has been a particular concern of the public. The modern large bridge is an important node of the main road of transportation, has a significant impact on the development of transportation, and is a symbol of national and regional economic development and technological progress. However, due to the lack of a safety monitoring system for the integrity of the bridge structure, any abnormalities in the structural state cannot be discovered in time. Once a safety accident occurs, the economic loss and social impact will be unimaginable. Therefore, it is of great significance to build a bridge safety monitoring system to provide maintenance management units with long-term real-time monitoring data.

The bridge designed by a Shanghai bridge construction company has been open to traffic for many years. With the increase of the age of the bridge in service, due to human factors, long-term overload of vehicles, and degradation of materials themselves, it is inevitable to cause diseases and damages. In order to keep track of the operating status of the bridge, In order to discover the abnormality of the bridge structure in time, prevent it from happening, and in order to better extend the service life of the bridge, a bridge construction company in Shanghai hopes to establish an informational and scientific bridge safety monitoring system to monitor all aspects of the bridge data in real time. .

MANTOO, as an industrial Internet of Things service provider integrating R & D and intelligent manufacturing capabilities in the Yangtze River Delta region, according to the needs of the construction company, uses wireless automation collection, wireless data transparent transmission, and intelligent early warning technology, with MT-R4610 intelligent measurement and control terminal , Developed a BSM bridge structure safety predictive maintenance system that integrates safety monitoring and preventive maintenance early warning functions. Play a major role in the daily maintenance, management and emergency response of bridges

II. System architecture diagram

Ⅲ. System functions

- Real-time monitoring: Fully automated online monitoring of bridge deformation, stress, environment, etc., to grasp the safe state of bridge operation in real time.

-Report push: The monitoring results are released in real time, and the monitoring report is regularly pushed to users.

- Classified alarm: When the data is abnormal, the system will trigger the corresponding three-level alarm mechanism, and notify the user in the form of SMS, broadcast, etc. at the first time.

- Emergency treatment: Directly extract the corresponding treatment methods from the expert database, take timely measures such as personnel intervention and road closure to eliminate hidden dangers in the budding state.

- Trend analysis: Through quantitative safety evaluation of bridge structure and safety analysis of monitoring index data, trend analysis of structural stability can be realized.

- Multi-project management: Users can monitor the construction status of multiple projects on site at the same time, which makes management more convenient.

- Data cockpit: Users can view real-time data and historical data in the data monitoring center.

Ⅳ. Software system interface

Cockpit data board

Bridge Monitoring Data Board

Management background

Personnel management interface diagram

Project management page

Device management interface diagram


Ⅴ. Introduction to hardware products

MT-R4610 is a high-performance measurement and control device that integrates RS232 / RS485 interface, digital input, relay output, LAN port and wireless data communication. It can directly access various RS485 sensors, level signals, dry contacts, etc. It is an intelligent terminal device that implements wireless measurement and control. The data storage, period and reporting period can be adjusted according to the requirements of the user environment.The main application in the system is to collect the data reported by each sensor monthly and upload it to the cloud platform.

The laser displacement sensor, that is, the measurement value specified by the distance measuring sensor, is mainly used to measure the length of the bridge crack. High-precision CMOS image sensor used by displacement sensor. And the company's algorithm that has been used by displacement sensors has achieved a high-precision measurement of 200um.Adopt cast aluminum shell, compact size and solid body, so as to reduce the influence of unstable factors such as shell deformation and temperature on measurement accuracy.

Ⅵ. On-site application photos



On-site monitoring point sensor installation drawing


Smart monitoring box collection, transmission data map 

Ⅶ. Customer evaluation

MANTOO 's intelligent bridge safety monitoring system can immediately report the bridge's specific parameters such as cracks, vibration, stress, horizontal displacement and inclination angle to the cloud platform for the next analysis; this step greatly reduces our company Operation and maintenance costs. At the same time, the monitoring value is more continuous and has a high analytical value; the bridge safety monitoring and preventive maintenance early warning system play a major role in the daily maintenance, management and emergency response of the bridge, which is worthy of recognition.

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