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Livestock and poultry house Iot platform project case

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I.Summary of case

With the new round of information technology development such as the Internet of Things, big data and mobile applications, the globalization of the industrial revolution began to put on the agenda, and the transformation of traditional industries began to enter the substantive stage. At present, due to the lack of Internet and Internet of Things technology accumulation, traditional production enterprises are very slow in the road to intelligent transformation of products, which wastes a lot of manpower and material resources and is difficult to make breakthroughs.

A company in Shandong province is a professional supplier of livestock and poultry production equipment and systems, rooted in the agricultural and animal husbandry industry, aiming to develop and expand China's agricultural modernization. At the same time, innovation and technology development and application as the foundation of the company. After years of efforts, it has become the supporting supplier of livestock and poultry breeding equipment system. However, facing the wave of the Internet of Things, the company strives to provide better services and develop remote data collection, processing and display platforms.

Diffuse way science and technology development in the Yangtze river delta region and the wisdom to build capacity in industrial Internet service providers, according to the four new domain of agriculture and animal husbandry in shandong equipment co., LTD., the actual demand, using wireless passthrough, edge computing technology, collocation of intelligent acquisition, control terminal MT - D510 as transmission equipment to collect the core, has developed for its collection equipment online, customer management, operations management, which integrates equipment remote operations cloud platform system. This product helps the enterprise solve the problems of real-time collection, analysis, export, early warning, online monitoring and remote reverse control of equipment data, shorten the time of problem discovery, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, and enhance the image of high-quality service.

II.System architecture diagram

III. System functions

Web side

 Personnel management:

System users are divided into administrators and ordinary users. Administrators have the highest authority and can manage user accounts and grant permissions to plant and equipment as well as to receive alarms and push.

Plant management:

All the equipment can be checked and operated in groups according to the plant area. The equipment and the plant area can be freely bound and unbound, and the equipment in the same plant area can be compared in data curve.

Device management:

Maintain MTBOX information configured in the system as well as device information and camera information. The system access device needs to input MTBOX and device information to access device data.

The function of WeChat terminal is the same as the factory management of web terminal, supporting alarm push.

IV.Software system interface

※The web page

Plant facility information overview 

Hog house control instrument home page

WeChat interface

V. Hardware product introduction

Brief introduction:

Corral environment controller is integrated with RS485 interface, Ethernet front-end ports, multi-channel switch input, multiple relay output and wireless data communication in the integration of high performance equipment, can real-time acquisition environment monitoring sensor data on the spot, and sends the data to the remote monitoring platform, can be all kinds of control device for remote control on the spot, support local online hd touch screen display, data storage, local historical data view, parameter Settings. It is used in the system to collect on-site environmental data and device control, connect to on-site WIFI hotspots through WIFI, and upload data to the cloud platform steadily and quickly.

VI.Field application picture

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