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Remote online monitoring and control system for oil and gas exploitation equipment

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I. Case overview

With the development of Internet of things, big data, mobile applications and other new information technologies, the global industrial revolution begins to be put on the agenda, and the traditional industrial transformation begins to enter the substantive stage. At present, due to the lack of Internet and Internet of Things technology accumulation, traditional production enterprises are very slow in the road to intelligent transformation of products, which wastes a lot of manpower and material resources and is difficult to make breakthroughs.

There is a professional service company with CNPC pressure operation qualification certification. It has been committed to promoting the promotion of pressure operation service in China's oil and gas industry. It has a large customer base at home and abroad, with a large annual equipment sales volume. But at present, the equipment is manually controlled locally in the process of oil and gas acquisition, which requires professionals to operate in real time. As a result, the communication between the site and the central control is inconvenient, the equipment control is not real-time, and the central control is unable to grasp the real-time situation of the field oil and gas collection. At the same time, it also brings a great waste of manpower and some unsafe factors to the site personnel.

ManToo technology as an industrial Internet of things service provider integrating R & D and intelligent manufacturing capabilities in the Yangtze River Delta region. According to the actual demand of the company. Using wireless transmission and edge computing technology. With intelligent acquisition and control terminal MT-SR411 as the equipment and sensor acquisition and transmission as the core, we have developed a remote equipment operation and maintenance cloud platform system that integrates online equipment, customer management, operation and maintenance management for them. This product helps the enterprise to solve real-time data collection, analysis, early warning, remote control of equipment, online feedback and online disposal of problems, shorten the time of problem discovery, improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance, and enhance the image of high-quality production.

II. System architecture diagram

III. System functions

 Equipment monitoring/control: Real-time collection of pressure sensor data of each pipeline, the parameters of the time controller, through 4G remote to the platform. At the same time, the platform can remotely control and send parameter setting instructions to the time control box.

 Equipment cost management: It supports SIM card fee, self defining device charging mode and setting renewal alert. When the device fails to renew after timeout, the system can automatically stop the device remotely.

  Custom analysis: The system supports custom algorithm analysis of data collection points and variable grouping calculation.

  Data report: Record all kinds of alarm information, processing operation and well location of each well.

  Real-time alarm: The system automatically detects abnormal situations such as device alarm and data out-of-limit, immediately triggers the alarm mechanism, and notifies the corresponding management personnel and operation and maintenance personnel through the system platform, WeChat, SMS, etc.

 Authority management: The system supports user and role management, customizable organization structure, isolation of menu, button, device and data authority, independent allocation, fully ensuring data security, and viewing device information on wechat side.

IV. Software system page

 Main page of the system

  Exception information record page

  Parameter distribution page

V.Introduction to Hardware Products

Brief introduction:

MT - SR411 intelligent measurement and control terminal has the function of remote acquisition and control provide 1 RS232 interface, 1 road RS485 interface, 8 way switch signal gathering, 8 analog acquisition, relay output, 4 road can direct access to all kinds of sensors, the standard signal transmitter, the instrument analog signal output, level signal, dry contact and so on, is the implementation of wireless measurement and control terminals.

Mt-sr411 timely reports the field sensor data to the PC, so that the staff can find and deal with problems in a timely manner.

VI.Field application picture



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